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                                  HNET RELAY SERVICES
 1  Forecast                   Weather Forecast for your city            User ID.. : MOSHIX
 2  RELAY INFO                 RELAY Services Overview                   Time..... : 
 3  Moon Phase                 Graphical Moon Phase                      Terminal. : 3278A 
 4  Airport Arrivals           Arrivals ETA for any IATA airport         Date..... : 
 5  Airport Departures         Departures for any IATA airport           VTAM ID.. : LCU002
 6  FAA Information            FAA airplane database query               Language. : ENGLISH
 7  Wine Reviews DB            Wine reviews database query               Appl ID . : ISR
 8  Online Thesaurus           Online Thesaurus query                    TSO logon : ISPFPROC
 10 Real Time News             NPR and BBC news                          System ID : S0W1 
 11 Stock Query                Stock information [temporarily disabled]  MVS acct. : ACCT# 
 12 Energy Market              Query the US Dept of Energy oil DB        Release . : ISPF 2.3 
 13 Forex Prices               Forex prices panel                        
 14 HNET Node Query            Query HNET node routing data            
 16 Sudoku                     Solve endless Sudokus                   
 20 Movie Reviews              Movie reviews from rotten tomatoes      
 21 City Search                Search geo location for any city worldwide 
 21 ZIP  Search                Find out a ZIP code for 1.5 million cities worldwide 
 22 Flights Sch                Search for flights from SABRE database               
 PP Search PPP                 Query US Federal PPP recipient database    
 NE Search NEH                 Query US National Endowments for Humanities  
 RN Random                     Atmospheric Random Numbers Generator    
 OR Orbit Calc                 Earth orbital simulator                 
 AB Abend Codes                Search for ABEND codes or problems                   
 VS VSAM Codes                 VSAM return codes search                             
 CI CICS Codes                 CICS error codes search                              
 SB Search BITNET              Search historical Bitnet/LISTSERV       
 AR Search archives            Search historical Bitnet archives      
 VI Moshix videos              Search Moshix youtube videos with links 
 MI MIPS tables                Search historical IBM mainframes MIPS tables 
 NM Netmask calc               Calculate netmasks and see affiliated info   
 GR Repositories               List of mainframe related Github repositories
 LO Login to TSO               Login to remote moshix mainframe        
 SA RELAY monitor              SDSF Activity display                   
 SD SDSF                       Spool Search and Display Facility       
 SR Recent users               SDSF Users display                      
 SN RELAY Stats                SDSF Network performance statistics     
 LS NJE Links                  RELAY Links status                      

 DS Dslist                     Print or display (to process) list of data set names 
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  F11=What is NJE  F12=About BITNET   F13=Virtual1403