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                          Data Set List Utility 
Option ===> _________________________________________________________________________________

   blank Display data set list               P Print data set list    
       V Display VTOC information           PV Print VTOC information 

 Enter one or both of the parameters below:                           
    Dsname Level . . .    
    Volume serial  . .    

 Data set list options                                                
     Initial View                 Enter "/" to select option          
   1  1. Volume                 / Confirm Data Set Delete 
      2. Space                  /  Confirm Member Delete              
      3. Attrib                 /  Include Additional Qualifiers      
      4. Total                  /  Display Catalog Name               
                                _  Display Total Tracks              
                                _  Prefix Dsname Level               
When the data set list is displayed, enter either:                   
  "/" on the data set list command field for the command prompt pop-up,