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NPR News

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NPR : National Public Radio                                                
   Saturday, December 2, 2023                                              
     * The GOP primary campaign could be over just as Trump's trials are   
       getting underway                                                    
     * Liz Cheney is back and unloading on the current leaders of her      
       ancestral GOP                                                       
     * Iran-linked cyberattacks threaten equipment used in U.S. water      
       systems and factories                                               
     * In Dubai, Harris deals with 2 issues important to young voters:     
       climate and Gaza                                                    
     * EPA aims to slash the oil industry's climate-warming methane        
     * Israel says it has hit more than 400 targets in Gaza since end of   
       truce with Hamas                                                    
     * Wolves are returning to Colorado. But is it too crowded for them to 
     * Some doctors are ditching the scale, saying focusing on weight      
       drives misdiagnoses                                                 
     * Why solar-powered canoes could be good for the future of the        

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