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NPR News

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NPR : National Public Radio                                               
   Monday, November 28, 2022                                              
     * How a deadly fire in Xinjiang prompted protests unseen in China in 
       three decades                                                      
     * He woke up from eye surgery with a gash on his forehead. What      
     * Pablo Eisenberg, a fierce critic of nonprofits and philanthropy,   
       died at age 90                                                     
     * 2 people are rescued from a plane that crashed into a Maryland     
       transmission tower                                                 
     * Frontier Airlines drops its customer service line                  
     * NFL wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is escorted off a plane in     
     * Don't call Florida a red state yet: Left-leaning groups say their  
       voters stayed home                                                 
     * Bills targeting trans youth are growing more common  and radically 
       reshaping lives                                                    
     * Merriam-Webster says 'gaslighting' is the word of the year         
     * More than 4,000 flights were delayed as holiday travel spikes in   

BBC News

Operation Desert Light: Europol take down massive cocaine 'super cartel' Monkeypox given new name by global health experts Boy, 16, arrested after two teens fatally stabbed in London Gunmen storm Ecuador hospital to try to kill teen BT and unions agree pay rise to stop more strikes Emergency energy plan for Tuesday postponed Bob Dylan apologises for machine-printed 'signatures' Palliative care: 'My dad should not have been expected to die in office hours' Bridgend: Two babies' bodies found and three arrested I'm a Celebrity: Jill Scott wins as Matt Hancock MP finishes third Dua Lipa is granted Albanian citizenship Cost of living: Struggling single dad flooded with offers of help Home insulation: How can it cut energy bills? Cost of living: 'Each week, we are fighting to survive' What is the windfall tax on oil and gas companies? Why are so many workers going on strike? Cost of living: The breakfast club easing the strain Cost of Living: What are you telling your kids about Christmas? Ros Atkins on Why eggs are being rationed What is the energy price cap and what will happen to bills? runtime in seconds: 0.559026479721 HNET - RELAY SERVER @@@@@

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